Thursday, February 10, 2011

Um, Happy New Year?

A friend visited my blog recently, which reminded me, it's been quite some time since I posted. It also reminded me that I had planned to get back to posting to my poor neglected blog in the New Year. Ha.

So, things have been, um, a little busy, but I did manage to knit Leo some thick wooly pants. Because yo, it is COLD this year in NYC! Not going to say any more about that, since you probably already know, but seriously.Raveled here!
Poor Leo--his mother won't stop knitting him things. Better get used to it, kiddo.
I also did some baby knitting for--gasp--OTHER PEOPLE. Check out Illanna's baby, Desi, in his Owls Vest:

Raveled here!
Gah, he is such a cutie! These photos, obvs, are from months ago; neither of these babes is cavorting outdoors in anything less than a full-on snowsuit these days.
I also knit a very big Snug for Steph's little Deanna, and--argh--forgot to take a photo of it. But D is growing in leaps and bounds, so who knows, maybe it will fit her before this winter's done. And there is also a giant cowl which has been too busy keeping me warm to be photographed. But other than that, knitting has been slooooow.... And we won't even talk about how much my sewing machine misses me.
But! Leo is a whole 6 months old now, AND I have gone back to school part time. L hangs with Daddy on those days, making messes and doing stuff guys do, and finds his inner peace at mom & baby yoga on the days he's with me. He is the Most Fun Thing. Ever. And he smells like candy.