Monday, November 02, 2009

Sylvi, Rhinebeck, and Autumn in NY

Pattern: Sylvi by Mari Muinonen for Twist Collective
Yarn: Briggs & Little Atlantic, Fern
Raveled here!
More photos here.
My 2009 Rhinebeck sweater just barely had made it to the festival--I literally sewed in the last end as we pulled into the motel parking lot. It was a lot of finishing, but totally worth it in the end--I love my big snuggly Sylvi.
Rhinebeck was awesome. Vitalay and I drove up for the whole weekend this year, which was a nice change, and so I was able to spend a lot more time seeing friends who travel from afar to be there. Especially my very oldest friend, Mary Heather.  How awesome is it to still have a friend who knew you when you were 9, playing in a muddy creek and capturing frogs and turtles? MH has only gotten cooler over the years, but she was still one pretty cool chick in the 4th grade....
There was also some serious marryin' going on around here. In the last year, no less than 5 Spiders (myself included) have got themselves hitched. Here are a few, waiting for Marie's nuptials to begin:More photos here.
My sweet husband, who has always thought the knitting obsession was actually pretty cool, recently discovered the wonder that is a pair of handknit socks, and so his enthusiasm for my hobby has increased substantially. Since I really didn't need all THREE of my skeins of STR from Rhinebeck to myself, I whipped him up a pair in his favorite colorway:
Pattern: improvised (pattern notes on Ravelry)
Yarn: Socks that Rock mediumweight, colorway: Puck's Mischief
Raveled here!
I'm all about how fast this mediumweight knits up! What better way to make man-socks, no?
So though it is now chilly November, and our leaf-viewing days are pretty much over, here's a bright bit of the glory that is autumn in New York:
I hope everyone is keeping warm and toasty in your handknits!