Monday, September 07, 2009

A little bit of whimsy....

Pattern: Ishbel by Ysolda Teague
Yarn: Malabrigo Lace in "Paris Night" colorway
Needles: US #3 Clover bamboo circulars
Raveled here!
I've been making good use of my Whimsical Little Knits over here (books 1 and 2) with a few last minute summer knits. My favorite thus far is Ishbel.
I love this shawl. The Malabrigo is SOOOO soft and light, it's like a little cloud settling over my shoulders. I know it will probably pill a bit, but the yarn is just so dreamy, and so perfect for this pretty pattern. The color reminds me of really dark thunderclouds--did I ever mention that I am a great lover of thunderstorms?

Next up, Ripley:
Pattern: Ripley by Ysolda Teague
Yarn: Elsebeth Lavold Angora
Raveled here!
It's not exactly hat weather yet, but a chill was definitely in the air today, so I thought I needed a new [green] hat to look forward to in the event that hat weather comes a little earlier this year. What better way to cheer oneself at summer's end than to knit up some fun winter woolens for cooler days to come?
And then there was this wee thing:You want to make one too? It will take you all of 5 minutes, with this great tutorial (yes, this is Ysolda's too--there's a theme to this post). I'm hoping this little owl imparts lots of wisdom to my brain come tomorrow, when the school year begins.
And in case you haven't seen Connie's awesome new pattern yet, stop by her blog and check it out! Seriously, her sweaters are even more gorgeous in person than they are in photos--and I'm not biased, I swear! All of her patterns are so classically beautiful.
Now it's officially time to start some fall knits. What will be next...? :)

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

That time of year

Top: Pickled cucumbers in vodka, pickled garlic
Bottom: Tomatoes with oregano, peach butter, dilly beans

The last few days have been absolutely GORGEOUS in NYC--slightly cooler (enough to turn the A/C off), and bright blue sunny skies. Vitalay and I headed to the farmer's market on Saturday and stocked up on tasty things, and received an unexpected bounty of delicious peaches from guests Jess & Casey (thank you again!!!). Yesterday we hauled out the canning equipment, and set to work! We made five different things (listed above) so it was quite an ambitious day, but we got it all done. I love looking at all of the brightly colored jars afterward--I want to decorate my windowsills with them, but I know they must be stored in a darker spot....
And I finished V's socks!
Raveled here!
I'd say that he's been very patient, but that would be a lie. But now that he has them, the long months of waiting are forgotten, and he's pretty thrilled.I never get tired of knitting with Noro--the color changes are so beautiful. I do sometimes wish they made a softer version yarn with Kureyon's amazing colorways for close-to-the-skin garments, but mostly I don't mind the rustic feel of the wool. I could knit blankets to cover my whole house in the stuff.
There's more knitting to show, but it's a wee gift that must be given first, so that will have to wait for next time....