Saturday, November 08, 2008


So, we have some pretty big news over here:
Vitalay and I got engaged! And married too!It was a big surprise. We went to City Hall and got married on Friday, so in the eyes of the State of New York, we're official.
But we also got engaged--complete with a total surprise of a down-on-one-knee proposal at beautiful Battery Park City, and we're going to have a proper ceremony with family and friends sometime in the next year. I have so many handknits to plan!!! All of my friends have been coming up with the coolest DIY ideas for their weddings, so I have a treasure trove of information at my fingertips.... ;)
Steph was our witness:
As were Vitalay's friends, Ilya and Eugene.BTW, they're single and on the lookout for some Belarussian twins who knit--any ideas, ladies?
Yay for love!!!