Saturday, June 14, 2008


I'm here!After an uneventful 12 hour flight, I arrived in Tel Aviv on Thursday afternoon. Vitalay picked me up and brought me back to his lovely home, where I finally met his lovely parents. Since then I have ate, slept, ate, gone swimming, ate, knit, and ate. And slept. The jet lag, despite a rigorous Xanax regimen, has been a little rough this time around, but fortunately, I am permitted to nap at length, whenever I want. So long as I eat properly.
During the hours I have been awake, I managed to finish the Habu paper & silk bag I meant to have finished before I left:
That would be me, on the roof of his house. Yup, for realz. Can't wait to do some yoga up there.
Pattern: my shameless improvisation of a Habu sample I saw in their store.
Yarn: Habu Shosenshi paper (100% linen), 1.5 oz; random School Products silk tape from my stash
Needles: US 8 Addi's
I'm totally pleased with how it turned out. I really wanted something organic and slouchy to throw over my shoulder while in Israel--something that would hold a wallet, a camera, and some more knitting. :)
I only wish I'd had time to sew in the linen I bought to make a lining with--I didn't bring it b/c I don't have a sewing machine with me, but it will go in as soon as I get home.
The adjustable straps solve the stretching-out problem:
One more roof shot:
It is just too beautiful for words here. Warm and dry, flowers and trees full of fruit everywhere, and I haven't seen a cloud since I arrived....