Thursday, June 19, 2008

Beautiful Tel Aviv

So it seems I am in love:Israel is beautiful!
A gorgeous, breathtaking countryside is one thing. To me, landscapes are beautiful in pretty much all of their natural forms--mountains, desert, the sea, the forest.
But often, I find myself falling for a place with a beautiful city. The kind that's not dominated by concrete and gigantic buildings, but instead full of trees and smaller, picturesque houses. The kind of place where you can walk to the corner coffee shop and sit outside, and not feel overwhelmed by big city hustle and bustle. New Orleans is like this, and sometimes I feel like my neighborhood in Brooklyn comes close.
But Tel Aviv has this feeling in abundance. Tropical and warm, full of lovely streets and beautiful buildings, coffee shops, bakeries, and places to sit outside and enjoy a cold beer with your gentleman companion. There's plenty of shade, not from skyscrapers but from palms and eucalyptus, and a constant breeze from the sea.
We visited the Old City, Jaffa, where the streets are twisty and turny and medieval, and contain surprises like this:
It seems I was really, really thrilled by this bathtub garden. A garden in a bathtub?! Who would have thought! I think I need one of these in NYC.
As always, everything's better with two:
A few days after arriving, Vitalay and I are both a little bit tanner, a little less tired, and a LOT more relaxed. We're keeping to our rigorous schedule of eating and sleeping, with the occasional sightseeing trip.
And I like to spend as much time as possible doing this:
It's the perfect knitting spot.
And last, but not least, today we discovered this:It seems that it was purchased long, long ago, and Vitalay was given the task of figuring out how it worked. Needless to say, this mission was never completed. But I managed to get the thing working today, so it looks like I may get to make that lining for my Habu bag, after all. Tomorrow, off to the fabric markets....