Sunday, June 01, 2008

Babies babies babies!

It seems that we Spiders are a fertile group of girls lately--I think my other friends are starting to think I'm lying when I say I am going to another baby shower each weekend.
But I jumped at the chance to host the shower (actually, let's call it a babywarming, since this baby was about 4 weeks out of the oven at this point) for our brand-est new-est Spider mite, Cassie, lil' sis to the first Spider mite, Maia:
That's Kaitlyn and sweet baby Cassie, and Virginia.
Also present was Peter, who was our most recent arrival before Cassie's appearance. He also holds the illustrious title of the Only Boy Spider Mite. Lucky little guy!
He was pretty fascinated by Cassie. Hmm, could it be the start of a budding romance?
Lovely Lisa helped me co-host:
There was lots of food:
And I made the lemon bars from Smitten Kitchen--they were delish! Just the right tartness and texture:
There were loads of beautiful, hand-knitted gifts, but I really loved this gorgeous Baby Surprise Jacket knitted by Cathy:
The only catch? I did not quite finish my gift, the Hemlock Ring Blanket, in time. At 3 AM last night, a little ways into the very beautiful, but veeeerrryy slooowww bind-off, I had to admit defeat:
It's OK, though, I think Cassie will be cool with it, even a few days late.
Thank you to all of my lovely Spiders who came over and made this such a great day (and especially Virginia who came early to help with the set-up--I can be a little scattered the morning of a party!).
And thank you to my sweet boyfriend for helping me get the house ready, and for making your fabulous lasagna, and playing bartender:
Whew! Now I get to put my feet up, while snacking on a glass of milk and the rest of Jess's fabulous Oreos, and bind off the rest of that blanket! Queue up the Battlestar Gallactica, please!