Sunday, May 04, 2008

It's Official...

... I'm going to Israel!!!

I know, crazy, right?  It's been a nutty couple of weeks over here.  Where to start?
This semester has been insane.  After spending way too much time studying and working, and getting sick with the flu, I took a much needed week in Arizona with my mom for Spring Break. It was gorgeous there--I don't think I saw a cloud for a whole week.  We lounged by the pool, got massages, and ate everything in sight--or I did, at least. Mom managed to control herself.
Meanwhile, Vitalay was in Belarus:

having, shall we say, a not-so-luxurious time.
That's a knitted hat, BTW.  As in, knitted-by-me.  Yes, I actually still knit.  In fact, I have a blissful summer of knitting ahead of me, just around the corner....
So, upon getting back, we decided to make plans and go to Israel (he's from there) this summer. And now that the tickets are bought, I can officially announce it, and I am SO EXCITED!!! Sunshine and the beach and going out in Tel Aviv and seeing Jerusalem....  I can't believe it. Yippeee!
So ladies (and gents, if you're out there), here's the question: what knitting to take?!?  I had this problem with India too, where I didn't actually knit at all, but this trip is going to have a lot more downtime.  It's gonna be hot, and I need simple-simple-simple, b/c if I have to drag a chart around, I don't think it's going to happen.  So lace, while packing-friendly, is not quite the thing.  Any suggestions?  Socks, I guess?  Like, maybe some fair-isle ones...?  ;)