Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I've never been much of one for the kitchen. Sure, I like to eat, but it's more of a task to be completed than an experience to make an event out of. I like simple food, things that I can make quickly in a frying pan that involve tortillas and cheese.
But there's something to be said for spending a chilly winter Sunday indoors, shacked up with a roaring fire, 33 flash cards of plants to memorize, and a kitchen full of food. Warm, heavy comfort food, potatoes and rice and hummus and eggs and vegetables and all sorts of strange things that I never thought belonged together, let alone in my kitchen.
I am still a creature of habit, though, sticking to the simpler things that I know will please: What better way to sweeten the memorization of plants than with a pile of freshly baked chocolate-chip cookies?
And I know I promised knitting content:May I present the lovely Eleonora sock knitted for me by Kaitlyn for our first ever Spider Single Sock Swap! This event was, I think, even more of a success than we expected it to be. A few people have had some bad experiences with online swaps with strangers, so we figured that an exchange among friends was the way to go. It was a gorgeous array of knitted beauty all gathered in Marie's fantastic new apartment. Thank you Marie for being, as ever, such an excellent hostess!!!
Here's another shot of my pretty, pretty sock:Now I just need a little time to knit the 2nd one!