Saturday, January 26, 2008

I think his name was Rob...

... but am not entirely sure, focused as I was on his unusual knitted cap:
Rob (if that was indeed his name) seemed unconvinced that Carrie and I were only interested in his hat, but was happy to go along with it, only allowing us to photograph said hat after showing him some credentials (her press badges, and my pouch with a sock on the needles). Sadly, he claims to have purchased the hat, so there was no knitter to track down for the pattern.
So, anyone seen this one before? Know of similar patterns? I was ogling it from across the bar for a couple of hours before I dragged Carrie over to help me get a photo. The colors are a little washed out here, but it was a chocolate brown with mint-green cables--it made me think of ice-cream, yum. :)