Saturday, January 26, 2008

I think his name was Rob...

... but am not entirely sure, focused as I was on his unusual knitted cap:
Rob (if that was indeed his name) seemed unconvinced that Carrie and I were only interested in his hat, but was happy to go along with it, only allowing us to photograph said hat after showing him some credentials (her press badges, and my pouch with a sock on the needles). Sadly, he claims to have purchased the hat, so there was no knitter to track down for the pattern.
So, anyone seen this one before? Know of similar patterns? I was ogling it from across the bar for a couple of hours before I dragged Carrie over to help me get a photo. The colors are a little washed out here, but it was a chocolate brown with mint-green cables--it made me think of ice-cream, yum. :)

Monday, January 21, 2008

If You Come Here, You'd Better Like Cupcakes....

... because you'll most definitely be getting one.My darling friend Charlotte, with her requisite Magnolia cupcake. Charlotte's an Aussie who lives in Edinburgh and came to me by way of Florida. She is, as many of my visitors seem to be these days, a fantastically talented musician (a fiddle-player, to be precise) who can be spotted playing with various cool bands around the globe.
I got her all to myself for 3 days of Serious New York fun and sightseeing. We saw "Avenue Q" one night and the "Farnsworth Invention" the next (just to get both ends of the intellectual spectrum), visited MOMA, and viewed the city from the top of Rockefeller Center (this is a great bird's-eye-view option of NYC b/c you can actually see the Empire State Building in all its glory).
We visited one of my all-time favorite book characters in Central Park, Alice in Wonderland:And did about a million other things. And then she flew home, over that big old ocean, and now I miss her! Charlotte, come back anytime!
But wait! Just so's you know, the Swirly-girl Socks are done!I've already worn them, throughout a whole day of wearing tights and a skirt in this freezing cold weather so that I could show them off. I've always been willing to freeze just a little for vanity's sake, but now for knitting vanity too? I'm doomed. ;)

Monday, January 07, 2008

You want more?

Well, OK! Gosh, you sure are greedy little knitters! ;)
I give you... Swirly-Girl Socks:
Some pretty fair-isle swirls to work on once you've knitted all of the beautiful mittens that one girl can reasonably own. (But if you're still low on mittens, no worries, we've got a pair of those on the way, too.) I used Colinette JitterBug, which is SO nice and soft and squishy.
Got to go knit the other one, then! See ya!
Oh wait, the pattern is here. It's in the sidebar, too. Happy knitting!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

But I Come Bearing Gifts!

I was reminded today that it's been a while since I last posted, but believe me, I've been sparing you. No one is interested in hearing about my final exams--they went well, BTW.
But I haven't forgotten you entirely! I have presents. :) The first one is this:
Well, it's the pattern, not the actual socks. A couple of people asked me to write it up, oh, nearly a year ago when I wrote it. Better late than never, right?
There's more fun fair-isle to come, just as soon as I take some pictures--snowflake mittens and some super-swirly socks!
UPDATE: The PDF for this pattern now exists! Thanks to all who helped me, some rather extensively, with this endeavor. Get it here!