Thursday, October 18, 2007

Pretty things

So, the crafting has taken a bit of a back burner lately, but I've still managed to pull off a project every now and then. This was the result of our Most Successful Sewing Night Ever:"Our" referring to mine and Kaitlyn's. Most of the time, I think we either drink too much or pick too ambitious of a project for one night. But this project was helped by the fact that it was my own pattern--though I did have to re-read my tutorial first. That's what happens when you drink and sew. Kaitlyn's bag was a Total Success as well.
And despite having little hope of finishing my Habu bamboo sweater in time for Rhinebeck (sniff, sob!), I had to buy some of this whilst working at Brooklyn General last weekend:It sits right across from the register, and I stare at it the whole time I'm working, so I finally went and bought some. Now I take it out to pet it, and wish I could start the deep-v sweater I am dying to make with it.
And on that note, I'll leave you with a couple of pretty pictures and two lovely links. My Botany class has compelled me to take more of an interest in my houseplants. At one time, I was very good with plants, tho I've become very neglectful of them in the last few years. But plants are important and useful (all that oxygen!), and I am determined to take better care of mine.
Jasmine, which has been blooming for about a week and giving off the most amazing (and strong!) fragrance:
And Veronique's beautiful plant, which I think looks like 3-winged butterflies:
And if you like plants, too:
USDA Plants Database Everything you ever needed to know about American Plants.
The American Orchid Society Cuz orchids are purty!

And if you like music, and Australians, check out Belle Roscoe--I've become quite a fan. :)