Sunday, July 29, 2007

A Near Catastrophe

A serious crisis was narrowly averted here at Casa Yarnmonster. Last night, I somehow caused myself a serious injury to the left elbow--there was a cloth rug involved, and a slippery wood floor--and woke up to find that I can neither straighten, nor bend, it all the way. It can move in a sort of half bent position, but its range is very limited.
So, is it bad that, though I can barely wash my hair or put in my contacts, I was HUGELY relieved to find that I can still knit? Mind you, I have to sort of turn my left arm just so, to avoid stabbing pains, but it is totally doable. I mean, can you imagine, school starts August 27th, wouldn't it have been a tragedy to waste any of my remaining study-free knitting days?
So, there's been a lot going on over here--too much for one post, really, but I'll attempt to give the digest version, in hopes of my next post having Actual Knitting Content.
I've had some lovely visitors, the first of which are my friends Katherine and Jess from Australia:
They were here for a whole month, and got a little homesick, so I took them to a place to get real Australian pies in Brooklyn. I also took them here:For what are truly, my favorite cupcakes in NYC. I miss you, girls! You'd better come back soon!
A few days later, these charming and handsome guys showed up on my doorstep:Taylor, Colin, and my brother David. It was pretty interesting having 3 21-year-old boys camped out in my living room for 3 days--a bit more excitement than this apartment is used to--but these guys are always a pleasure to be around. I don't know if there is anyone who makes me laugh harder than my brother and his friends.
Me and Dave, on our way to see the FABULOUS White Stripes concert at Madison Square Garden, woo hoo!!!In the midst of all of these visitors, Harry Potter 7 came out!That's me, Jess, and Lisa, trembling with anticipation outside of Book Court in Brooklyn.
And here I am, SO EXCITED to have my book!
I finished it Sunday night, and I have nothing but good things to say about it. Of course, I'm devastated that the series is over, and am now consumed with jealousy for the people who haven't read them and can now start at the very beginning and blast right through the entire series!!! So unfair.
And we had our inaugural Spiders Gala, hosted by our incredible Virginia!
Jess, Carrie, and Abby, rockin' the tiaras:Girls in tiaras, fiercely attacking a pile of yarn:And Spiders Jeopardy, Virginia's amazing idea: 30 knitting and Spiders-related questions! And some of them were really hard! Strangely enough, we kept getting the most appropriate questions delivered to the perfect person, like Sandra's "How many pairs of Jaywalkers has Sandra knit?" and Steph's question about the iguana pictured on her own blog, and Veronique's "How many stitches are in this lace sequence?"
OK, whew! Hopefully I can get a little knitting done, now that I'm otherwise incapacitated. ;) I saw this a few weeks ago, and realized that I couldn't live without it for another second. I'm almost to the lace part, but it's looking a little big. I'll let you know how it goes....