Friday, June 29, 2007

Home for Good!

I am finally back home, with NO MORE FLIGHTS on the horizon! Hooray! But it hasn't been all R&R over here--Casa Yarnmonster has now become a little bit chic-er with the arrival of Veronique on Wednesday! We're not looking our most chic just yet, as there are a lot of boxes everywhere, and we're not quite sure where to put everything, but soon, it will be a regular crafting utopia over here.
I've already started shopping again:
Those are fabrics for 2 skirts, one a-line (the bunnies--because who doesn't need a skirt with white bunnies all over it?!?) and one straight (dots). And there's this loveliness, for a pretty summer dress:
I know it's hard to see, but it's really nice summery stuff, I swear.
And that's it for the shopping for me--the nice thing about going away for 3 months is coming home to a closet full of yarn and fabric that YOU DON'T EVEN REMEMBER!!! It's like it is all brand new, like some compulsive shopper with the same taste as me broke into my apartment and filled my closet with stuff that she just knew I'd love. I don't even know what to grab first!
Sadly, she did not do the same thing with my clothes. I guess I'll just have to make my own.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

How Did This Happen?

Um, is this for real?

My New York age is 16

This New York age puts you-generally speaking-into the young category. That's what you were hoping for, right? Run and tell your friends. Then get drunk (as usual). Then sleep it off. Then pop an Adderall. Then come back and consider experimenting with a more mature type of New York life (just once in a while). Have you ever been to the Village Vanguard or the Living Theatre? Eaten at Elaine's? Taken a date to Michael Feinstein? Before you laugh, check 'em out and see what old-school NYC experiences you can add to the new.

Does your age reflect how you're living? Let us know.

What's your New York age? Take the Time Out New York quiz and find out!

OK, I know I am not exactly settled and mature for my age (29), but come on! 16? I thought I was a little classier than that.
Guess not.
So, I got back to New York last week, and began the unanticipated readjustment period of returning home after 3 months. I was ready for everything to be culture-shocking and crazy while abroad, but I never thought home would seem so strange once I came back.
Fortunately, Veronique was around all week to keep me busy with sewing, shopping, and general planning for her impending move into mi casa!
And I met up with my beloved Spiders, who I missed SOOO MUCH, for the 3rd annual Renegade Craft Fair--and I have no photo for that.
And then, after all of this traveling, my Mom booked me a ticket to Hotlanta for a week of family togetherness! So I packed [yet another] bag, boarded [yet another] plane, and am now lounging in classic Georgia-style relaxation.
And maybe, just maybe, I bought some yarn. That might be cashmere and silk, and might be a particular shade of green that we're so fond of over here.
And it just might be becoming a Swallowtail Shawl....

Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Land Down Under

The beach at St. Kilda, Melbourne, Australia:
OK, no worries, I haven't keeled over and died of dysentery or anything--I'm alive, and much healthier than I was a few weeks ago. :) And that is all because... I went to Australia!
After Delhi, I hopped on a plane (OK, not so much hopped as dragged my seriously dirty, sick, tired, and increasingly emaciated self) and flew to lovely Melbourne. I had a brief stopover in Singapore, during which I wandered around the airport with my hand over my mouth because I couldn't stop giggling--I couldn't BELIEVE how nice the airport was! I went into the bathroom, and there was toilet paper AND soap.... It was culture shock at its absolute best.
But once I got to Melbourne, it became quite obvious that my tummy troubles were far from over. I'd dropped to a mere 50 kilos, and though my charming and thoughtful host was determined to cure me with unpasteurized yogurt, I eventually had to go to the doctor, who fixed me right up with some antibiotics. For a few days my appetite was still lagging, but once it came back, it was back with a vengeance, and it was all I could do to keep a steady supply of fabulously decadent, Western food coming into my mouth.
Besides the trip to the doctor's and the few days of violent illness, Melbourne was fantastic. I shopped, drank a million lattes, got my nails done (and oh, did they need to be done!). I visited my friend Michael, who is a spectacularly talented musician: as well as a very generous host. He provided me with a computer full of every episode of the TV shows I'd missed while in India and plenty of junk food treats to fuel me through my television marathons. When I wasn't vegetating in front of Grey's Anatomy, I went with him to his gigs, like this one with his friend Matt:and of course, went out bar-hopping a little:And I got to hang out with my friend Yanti, who I hadn't seen since college in New Orleans!
I have to tell you, I have nothing but the best things to say about Australia and Australians. They are, hands down, the friendliest, coolest, and most welcoming people I have ever encountered. I showed up there knowing 2 people, and left in tears, getting embarrassingly choked up every time I had to say goodbye to someone. Fortunately, I invited every single one of them to come and visit me in New York, and I have a feeling that a good percentage will take me up on it. I hope they do, because seriously, friends this nice are worth keeping, no matter how short a time you've known them.

And that, my friends, is it! My travels, for now, have come to a close. It has been just over 3 months since I left New York, and it has never looked better. I had so many incredible experiences, moments that will be burned into my memory forever, and met so many people who have become as important to me as lifelong friends. I would not trade a second, not one tiny instant of it for anything.
But you know, stepping out of that cab and seeing my beautiful brownstone-lined street, with all of the trees in summer lushness, and feeling that early June nighttime chill in the air, I think to myself:
"There's no place like home."