Sunday, April 22, 2007

Hello from Mumbai/Gokarna!

Well, I am doing my best to adjust to my lack of technological connection here in India, but it is not easy! If I could just have my laptop, high-speed internet, and an air conditioner that is always poised just above me, life would be perfect....

So, our last days at the ashram were wonderful. Since I've left, I have really started to miss everyone, especially the amazing people who run it. If you're ever looking for a Yoga Teacher Training Program in India, and want to be out in the open countryside with fresh air and fresh food, go to --they're so nice there, and it was a really great experience.

And yes, I'm officially a yoga teacher now! In addition to completing the course in postures, teaching, and theory, I had a number of other very interesting experiences. Ever heard of a Neti Pot? You use it to pour salted water in one nostril and let it flow up and out the other. Pretty bizarre, but I have done this before, because I have a weird trippy family. What I had not done before was use the Neti with forty classmates, in unison. That was a treat.
And another fun class experience was Vaman, an ayurvedic cleansing technique in which you drink warm salt water until you can't fit anymore in, and then you stick your fingers down your throat and throw it all up. Oh, yeah, I'm not kidding. Everyone throwing up together, right after morning yoga class. It was a blast.

And then there were the natural remedies. Did you know that if you tie an onion to the top of your head, you'll never get sunstroke? At least, that's what they tell me.... And putting special, cultivated mud on your belly can help regulate your menstrual cycle:

But the real kicker was when I'd had a headache for 3 days--I do get a migraine every now and then--and this women said, "Oh, let me massage it for you! I do Chinese detoxifying technique." Now, I'm the kind of girl who will try anything once, especially when it comes to headache cures. And minutes later, this was the back of my neck:

But hey, my headache was gone! And so were the bruises, after a couple of days. At first, everyone was all shocked, but then other people did it too. And I'd do it again, if I had another 3-day headache!

We spent some time going into Nasik, where I saw this adorable girl:

And it was my birthday while I was there, too!

After leaving the ashram, I headed to Mumbai with a couple of friends, and had 3 very relaxing days at Monica's house. And I am now at the beach in Gokarna, and I have lots to say about both of these places, but my computer is NOT FUNCTIONING properly, so that will have to wait for next time....