Sunday, February 11, 2007

Spiders Spin!

Well, I apologize for the long hiatus--I went down to Georgia last week to visit the fam (somehow managing to escape the coldest week of the winter in NYC), and while there was much going on, none of it was particularly crafty or blog-worthy.
But I'm back in NYC now, and rest assured, there is knitting and crafting happening everywhere! Sunday found us at Marie's AMAZING apartment for a lovely afternoon of knitting and spinning!
Cake, knitting, and "The Money Pit":
I get a drafting lesson from Marie:
(Thanks, Steph, for the photo! :)
And we even had a smiley baby MJ to entertain us!
As for the Anemoi Mittens.... I swear, I'm getting close. If you people (you know who you are) would stop it with the procreating, I'd be a lot closer! But I'll try to speed it up.