Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year 2007!

It's time to turn over a new leaf!Well, I didn't really have any resolutions for 2006 that I can look back on (except to have healthier eating and exercise habits, at which I failed most miserably), but I do plan on making a fresh start for 2007. Perhaps the blog (and the looming "look back" in January of '08) will be my inspiration to actually stick to my resolutions this year?
First, the knitting:
1. Knit from the stash!!! For God's sake!
--OK, so I'm not going to join the KAL, because I just know I won't stick to it. But I'm trying to come up with a system. Like, must finish 2 stash projects before buying more yarn. Or something. Because I really am a yarn-monster.
2. Knit a colorwork sweater.
--Got my Christmas Lite-Lopi kit from my MIL ready and waiting!
3. Let's take a page from Gleek's book and say we'll steek something!
4. Make another lace shawl or 2. Because I so love Birch.
And then, the other stuff:
1. The tried and true, "better eating, more exercise".
2. Go back to yoga.
3. Do more stuff outdoors. We tend to be a little lazy at my house, but I need to just get up and get out the door more often.
4. Actually finish the sewing projects that I start. I have 2 really cute dresses hanging in the closet, just waiting for me to [hand] stitch the hems and facings. I would like to be a better sewer, but it seems to come only in spurts for me.
I headed off to Cancun to meet my parents and brother David. Mexico was beautiful--warm, sunny, with gorgeous beaches and yummy food (Mexican happens to be the universal favorite food of every member of my family).

Mom and Dad:David, being deep and introspective:We managed to tear ourselves away from the beach long enough to go visit some very cool Mayan ruins:
So that's it for my first post of the year! Starting this blog has been one of the best things I did this year--I have met and reconnected with so many people, many of whom are now some of my dearest friends. Much thanks to everyone who's reading--Happy New Year from your Yarnmonster! :)