Monday, January 08, 2007

5 Weird Things

Since everybody's doing it....
1. I play the ukulele. I mean, not like a frat boy in a grass skirt, I mean I actually play songs. I was in a special class for smarty-pants kids when I was in school, and in 4th grade one of the moms decided to pass on her gift of playing the uke to all of us. We all bought $20 ukuleles, shipped from Hawaii. We were even on cable access TV once in Virginia! I later upgraded, and gave my original to my brother, who still has it.
2. I LOVED the Dragonlance books. The originals, by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. Some people might not think this is weird, but most do. I would ride my bike over to a boy's house in my neighborhood to borrow them.
3. The foreign language I am most... educated... in (though far from passable) is Mandarin Chinese. Chinese, I *heart* you!
4. I am super weirded-out but people who are not "lovers" (ie. boyfriend-girlfriend, husband-wife, girlfriend-girlfriend, etc. etc.) kissing on the mouth. The Italian quarter of my family is really into this, and my Grandma passed on a wicked case of cold sores to my poor Dad, who, as a wee tot, couldn't really object. I'm not a very touchy-feely girl already, but this just sends me over the edge. Anyone who leans in for my lips ends up getting a mouthful of my hair.
5. I have a nearly perfect short-term memory. I can sit down and study something for about a hour, like names, dates, details, etc., and then regurgitate it back to you pretty much verbatim for the next week. Eventually, the info fades into the background, but the general gist usually remains.