Sunday, December 17, 2006

Holidays are for Happiness

This weekend, I took a little break from the gift-knitting to attend a most lovely holiday party Chez Carrie:
It's the Spiders!
The food was delicious, the conversation delightful, and Carrie and Marie outdid themselves as co-hostesses of the event. I ate lots of cookies, drank a good deal of rum cider, and after the gift exchange, somehow managed to walk away with this: Yup, that's cashmere, baby! Somewhere between 500-600 yards, courtesy of Miss Jess Fig & Plum. I was up late last night looking for the perfect pattern for it--I want a soft, somewhat lacy scarf to wrap around my neck, all of my scarves are either too wide or long and heavy. I'm thinking about a scarf-sized version of the Kimono Shawl from Folk Shawls (here's a lovely example of this pattern). That'll keep me busy during the holidays.
And because a girl can't just make stuff for other people ALL the time, I took a time out to do a little sewing the other day:
And a little more time out:
Both are reversible drawstring pouched to hold the myriad of small knitting projects I have on the needles. The ribbons, apple corduroy, and skull fabric are from Brooklyn General, the pink inside fabric is from Purl Patchwork, and the tropical inside fabric is from Mood.
Back to knitting! You're all just going to laugh at me when I tell you I've had yet another one of my gift recipients request something different from what I had started making him. But it's not too big a deal--I can still use some of what I was knitting.
And much thanks to Veronique for all of her hard work on my dad's present! My friends need to forget their knitting projects more often. ;)