Monday, November 20, 2006

Rhinebeck Project #2

I'm not letting that Rhinebeck yarn collect any dust this year:
Pattern: none, just regular old hat pattern. I cast on 120 sts, knitted for about 6 inches, and then started doing 6 k2tog dec's evenly across sts every other row, till I had 6 left, then BO.
Yarn: Springtide Cashmere, 1.1 oz, purchased at Rhinebeck
Needles: Clover, the little plastic kind in the Japanese package, US size 3, 12"
I LUV my cashmere hat!!! I've never knitted with pure cashmere before, and now I feel like Eve after she ate that apple. It is yummy, especially this light airy stuff. And super warm, despite being very thin and fine. Well worth the $30 I paid for the yarn.
It was a quiet, pleasant weekend at Casa Yarnmonster, other than some dodgy-tummy moments on Saturday, for which I can only blame myself. Brooklyners, have you checked out the Stonehome Wine Bar in Fort Greene? This place is so cool, you can order flights of 3 different wines to give yourself a mini-tasting. There's a full menu as well, so you can easily make a night of it--it would be a perfect date venue as well. I strongly recommend it--as well as some Alka-Seltzer for the next morning, if you are afraid you might get carried away by your flight of wine. ;)
Sunday was spent in pleasant companionship with knitting friends--there was even some hand-sewing being done!
(Thanks to Jess F&P for the photo of Veronique--I forgot to take any pictures!) Food was eaten, yarn was knitted, and there was even a pie! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed Jess's delicious homemade pie. Not to be confused with this Jess, who has never made a pie in her life, and has even managed to screw up reheating one from the store.
I wish every day could be like that. But maybe, with the holiday weekend coming up, we can at least have a greater percentage of those days than usual? I hope so.
Don't forget to buy your Tofurkeys, everyone!