Saturday, November 25, 2006

Happy Tofurkey Day!

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving!
So geez, people, when I told you not to forget your Tofurkeys, I didn't really expect you ALL to run out there and clear the shelves of them! We had to go back 2 days in a row before I managed to get his hands on one, and that was only after pushing through "a mob of frantic vegetarians". But get one he did, and it was quite a success.
I've been thoroughly enjoying the holiday, cramming in as much knitting as possible. Wednesday was a whole day of cozy wonderfulness at Brooklyn General, Kaitlyn's new place of employment. Have you seen it since they moved to their awesome new space?
It's so big! And lovely and inviting too. It's a few blocks off of the G or F train, but well-worth the trip. They have lots of awesome fabrics:
And Lobster Pot cashmere!And did I mention how friendly the staff is? ;)
We hung out, knit, ate, and played with Baby MJ all day while the wind howled outside--what a perfect day to have your fingers wrapped up in wool, right?
I made some progress on a new hat:This is intended to match my mittens--if I don't become overly frustrated by my tension issues and rip the whole thing out! I'm in training for my next KAL experience, Stranded: The Colorwork Challenge. Still not sure what my project for that is going to be, but I've got some ideas.
Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend!