Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Bogging Onward

So, I've been a pretty poor blogger for the past week, mostly due to some general unrest at home. I don't put a ton of really personal stuff on my blog, as I tend to look at my blog as a sort of "Best Of" in regards to my life and projects, and it makes me happy to write cheery posts about mittens and friends and wool. But suffice it to say, sometimes Life is not so cheery, and one is not always up to writing happily about knitting on one's blog. Thankfully, most of the time, I am, but this has just been one of those weeks, you know?
But Life Matters aside, there are important things to be discussed, namely, some progress on the Bog Jacket! The main knitting of the jacket is complete, and I have, as promised, made up a little pictorial tutorial of how the top of the thing was grafted together.
OK, so basically you're knitting this huge square, and at the point where I added waste yarn (A) I also cast on extra stitches (invisibly, on waste yarn--I messed up that invisible part, tho') so I'd have longer sleeves. This is a shot after I've finished the right side, and am about to do the left:
After I've removed the waste yarn:
All waste yarn is gone, and the live stitches are in the places where they are to be grafted together:
All done!
My grafting isn't exactly the best, but I did my best. I tried to do it without the needles like EZ recommends, but I was not dexterous enough--so I watched the video on garter stitch grafting at (LOVE that site!) and did it that way. I had to readjust afterwards, though.
So, this is quite a bit of grafting, in case you are contemplating making a bog, but it is done easily enough while watching some TV in the evening. Now all that remains is finishing the neck, doing the i-cord edging, and some end-weaving and a zipper!
I'll leave you all with a really silly dog-photo: Peru, curled up like a gigantic bean, smiling. :)