Sunday, October 22, 2006


This weekend was one of my favorites of the whole year--it was Rhinebeck!
I went up on Saturday with a bevy of Spiders, and it was an absolutely perfect day. Temps in the 50's, bright sunshine, and once we got out of the city, trees full of fall colors. We had hot cider and apple crisps, played with sheep and watched sheepdog competitions, and of course, shopped for yarn!
Click above for the details of my haul. I was thrilled with my purchases--I think I did better than last year, when Michelle, Jenn and I were completely overwhelmed by the enormity of the Festival. Biggest splurge? The tiny bit of cashmere I purchased for a hat. Project I'm starting first? The thrummed mitten kit, because these mittens will be so warm and soft, and fast, and Jess and Veronique got them too, and it's still just as much fun to match your friends as it was in 7th grade.
There were a ton of people there! I ran into Jenn and Jill, and lots of other Tuesday night SnB girls. I definitely missed Michelle, who was my companion last year, and far away in Indiana this year. We ran into Debbie Stoller, who was as nice as ever, and we saw the Yarn Harlot from afar. And most exciting, my pal Carrie (otherwise known as Carrieoke) was here from Georgia!
We even convinced her and her friends to come to Morehouse Farm with us for the post-festival reception they were having--which was fun but VERY crowded. But I got to meet Melanie Falick there, which was exciting, as I had an Over-the-Knee Stocking from her book in my bag. We didn't last too long in the madness, though, and left for some much-needed dinner and then headed back to the city, exhausted and happy. Sigh.
I. Heart. Rhinebeck.