Friday, October 20, 2006

Norwegian Vacation

No, I'm not really going to Norway!
I'm taking a vacation from all of that garter stitch (yes, the Bog is still unfinished) and making a pair of Elizabeth Zimmerman's Norwegian mittens! I'm using her "Spruce" pattern, which she states is not authentically Norwegian, but I think it's still in the spirit of things. This is my first foray into fair isle, and though it's a little slow, I'm enjoying it. I can't quite get the hang of the two-handed method, but I'm working on it.
And tomorrow is Rhinebeck!!! I'm so excited. Steph, Lisa, Veronique, Abby and I will be traveling up from Brooklyn and we'll definitely be attending the blogger meet-up. Everyone has declared what fabulous handknit item they will be wearing already, but as usual, I can't possibly foresee what I'm going to end up walking out the door in, so hopefully, if you're looking for me, you'll be able to recognize me anyway. I can't wait for tomorrow--I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve.