Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Bogging Slowly Along

So, garter stitch goes really slooowly...
Especially when you have so many stitches on the needles! And it's only going to get worse when I add on all the extra stitches for the sleeves. Then my rows are going to be miles long... but sometimes, that's the way rows have to be.
The little smidge of green in the corner is going to be the contrasting i-cord border (thank you, John, for making my decision-making process that much quicker!). I was going to put a stripe in the sleeve, but now I'm thinking no.
Soon it will be time for that nifty trick where you knit in the waste yarn to separate the front panels from the sleeves, and then it's on to casting on all those sleeve stitches. It's really OK that I'm going so slowly on this, as it was 81 degrees today in NYC (!) and that is hardly wooly bog-jacket weather.
Today is also October 4th, which means that Socktoberfest kicked off 3 days ago! I think I am going to use this Celebration of Socks to work on some overdue gifts. When your 20-year old brother has asked you multiple times if you're still going to knit him some socks, it's safe to assume that he really wants them. Fortunately, my little brother will gladly wear any socks I make him, even if they're pink, so I won't have to stick to Manly [Non-] Colors for these. The boy used to go to high school in a purple Wonder-Woman t-shirt; I think I'm safe with pretty much anything.
Anyone tried these yet? They are tempting me... but not for my brother! These are not socks meant for any man. Me likes the idea of a toe-up with a heel flap....