Monday, October 09, 2006

Babies Kinda Freak Me Out...

... but baby stuff sure is cute:From Last Minute Knitted Gifts, knit with Blue Sky Organic Cotton (my fave for baby knits, though that "machine washable" bit is debatable). Made for my neighbor Annee, whose baby boy is due in December and who has no idea that this blog exists. :)
It was a gorgeous weekend here in NYC, and what better day to celebrate Jess Fig & Plum's birthday than this sunny Sunday, when the temperature didn't go over 70 degrees and not one cloud crossed the sky all day. The birthday girl set up a fine spread on a picnic table:
Hmm, is she pouring herself some tasty hot cider over there?
And the knitters flocked to the sunny blankets:
and whipped out--of course--their knitting. We sipped cider, ate bread and cheese and cookies and doughnuts, and knitted till the sun went away and our fingers got chilly.
Perfect. Day.