Monday, September 25, 2006

The (Official) Last Cami of the Summer

So I know summer's over and everything, but here you go:
Better photos to come, I promise. My photographer's been SO busy lately!
Pattern: Phildar #30, D├ębardeur, from Spring Tendances 2004
Yarn: Royal Silk by Artyarns, color 115
Needles: US 3 Addi Turbos
Mods: I knit it in the round, for my usual reason (laziness) and changed some of the right-slanting and left slanting increases around b/c I liked the way they looked this way.
I didn't bring this project with me on any of my recent trips because I wanted to pack light and just knit on my ever-portable socks, so it took me way longer to finish than it should have. But no worries, it's still warm enough for a tank here in New York, so it will still get some use this season. Check out Lisa's and Veronique's beautiful versions! And what's really cool is what we all live in the same 'hood, and can now go out in matching knitted tank tops together--whoo-hoo!
Speaking of the socks, here's a sneak peek:
Love this pattern! It's Hedera from Knitty, and I'm almost done. I managed to overcome my fear of that scary leg thing in the photo and make the pretty socks.
The weekend involved two thrilling days of yarn shopping for me and some Spiders. I forgot to bring my camera (sniff, sniff) but I do have a photo of this lovely laceweight wool:
that I got at Habu. We also visited School Products, where I managed to put back the pound and a quarter cone of cashmere/merino I was about to run away with. Sunday involved a trip to the new and improved Brooklyn General with Veronique, where she finally found some Elizabeth Zimmerman books, and I bought some more of this:
Rowanspun DK, which I hadn't bought wnough of the first time around.
And as for Zimmermania, I have cast on for the Bog Jacket from Knitting Around.
I seem to be the only person interested in knitting an adult size bog jacket, but I am SO fascinated by the construction of the thing, I just have to try it. And I think it is the perfect thing for my soft Irish wool.