Sunday, September 10, 2006

I Heart Ireland

Well, needless to say, my internet access was restricted/non-existant in Ireland, so I was sadly unable to post daily updates of my activities. Crushing, I know. But no worries, I am safely back in the States, and I think I can pretty much remember what I did while I was there.
First of all, here is the reason we were there in the first place:
This wonderful group of musicians performs in a production called Music at the Crossroads during the summer in Galway. They are so unbelievably talented, in addition to being really cool people! We had so much fun hanging out with them--and now I'm ready for them to come and visit me in NYC so that I can show them as good a time as they showed me!
While there, I got to hang out with my little brother, David:
who has been working behind the scenes in the show all summer. I don't get to see him much, so it was very cool to get to hang out with him and his friends:
I drank some Guinness with Mom:
but no Guinness for her! It has wheat in it. My dad was there too, but he was moving too fast to take a photo of him.
After a few days in Galway, we said our goodbyes and left to trek around the countryside a bit and for the guys to take photos. The weather was absolutely beautiful--in fact, it was often too sunny for photos--and everything was green and gorgeous.
There were sheep:

I took about a million pictures, way too many for a blog post, so there are more of Ireland here, and more of our time in Galway's pubs here.
As for my knitting, don't even ask. I was looking forward to many hours of uninterrupted knitting time in the car during our drive through the countryside, but the roads were far too twisty and turny, so I spent the time gazing out the window and concentrating on not being sick. So I knit part of a sock. In the whole ten days. But hey, if you're having too much fun to knit, then that's a pretty successful vacation, right? I promise to get back on track now--I've got to finish my Second Last Cami of the Summer before coat-weather sets in!