Friday, September 15, 2006

Going to see the ATLiens

So, last weekend when I returned from my Irish travels, this
was waiting for me! Yep, that's a big ol' skein of Socks That Rock, my first ever! My friend Michelle picked this up for me while attending a Michigan Sheep and Wool festival. Apparently the crazy lady who rushed the STR booth and bought it all up in Maryland decided to miss the MI festival. Thank you Michelle, for braving the throngs of desperate sock knitters!
And I also forgot to show you my Irish loot! This was my single yarn purchase:
some wonderfully soft Irish aran weight wool. I bought enough for a simple sweater, but am now kicking myself for not having bought more--it would have been the perfect thing for my entry into Zimmermania. Despite being the origin of the Aran sweater, Ireland is not as enthusiastic about knitting as the US. I was told a few different times that only women over 80 knit. Well, the Irish are enthusiastic about other things (like music and Guinness), so we'll try to forgive them.
There were also these:Little smiley sheep buttons that were too cute to resist.
So now, if you can believe it, I am leaving AGAIN tonight. I'm off to the ATL, my homeland, for a few days. It's my 10 year high school reunion, y'all! I feel old. No doubt I'll feel even older after I go. But I can never pass up a chance to relax in suburbia--listen to the soothing Southern accents, swim in the pool, take long walks going nowhere, and of course, roll to the grocery store in my [mom's] SUV. I get such a thrill out of suburban grocery stores after 2 years in the city.
Next time you see me, I'll be blogging under the Georgia sunshine (I hope)!