Saturday, August 26, 2006

Too much going on

No, I didn't knit that, silly! It's from the VK trunk show. Every time I visit the Point, this sweater stares at me, calling, "Knit me! Knit me!" But I'm just not ready for alpaca yet, though the temperatures in New York have been much more pleasant lately.
The other part of the issue is that I've got too much on my plate, craft-wise. I took a break from the Caban, which I finished the back of:
To knit, yes, another cami:
Is it the Summer of the Cami, people? We should have done a knitalong. Or maybe someone did. I guess we were all knitting along with our camis anyway. And yesterday I saw Jess's fabulous bamboo razor cami on the needles, and I'm thinkin' I need a bamboo cami now, too. Argh, when will it stop!?!
On the non-knitting front, I still haven't hemmed or sewn the buttons on my sundress from Heather Ross's class at Purl Patchwork. That's all that needs doing, and I'd have a new sundress! And one that matches my blog, no less.
We won't even mention my little quilt top, which I finished, and the actual quilting of it, which I haven't even started.
Oh, and did I mention that I dyed some yarn?All of this is waiting to be wound from giant 30 ft skeins into normal ones. It looks like a lot, but there's really only 7 skeins there. It's still a workout that my whiny arms are already trembling at the thought of.
Whew! I think I need a nap.... Good thing it's Saturday.