Sunday, August 13, 2006

Silk Cami at the County Fair

So I finished the Phildar Silk Cami:
And wore it to the County Fair!
Pattern: #13 Cami from Phildar "Tendances" #443
Yarn: Phil Soie in Brousse, 6 balls
Needles: Addi Turbos, size 2 US
Mods: Nothing really, except that I knitted it in the round, and I picked up the stitches for the edge instead of knitting a band separately and sewing it on. Both of these modifications were made for no reason other than pure laziness. Come on, people, I'm at the farm, I don't feel like doing all that seaming!
So the cami had her debut today at the County Fair (our 3rd day in attendance). Ina and I sat by these alpacas:
And I knitted:
While we watched the guys take lots and lots of photos of great things like this:
When do you get to see something like that in NYC?
My favorite part of the fair, though, is playing with the sheep:
They are so cute and curious and fun to touch, I just can't get enough. And these guys are all spiffed up and clean for their big weekend at the fair, so they're not even stinky and muddy, as sheep can sometimes be.
But today was the last day of the fair, so no more playing with sheeps for me. For the next few days, the guys will be doing a shoot in Matthias's barn, so I'll be on my own. Maybe I'll take my big ol' Caddy out for a spin.... And spend some time working on my newest project, a Caban Menthe!