Sunday, August 06, 2006

Just in from France!

My Phildar finally arrived!
I was SO happy on Thursday evening when the DHL man rang my doorbell and handed me this big box from France. What was in it?

Some chartreuse Phil Soie, which is 100% silk, and two different colors of Aviso, a thick cotton blend.
I was very happy with the Menthe color, which will be used to make this:
But the Pistache color was, well, not the color of any pistachios I've ever seen. Perhaps they're brighter in France?
Who knows, but it was meant to make this pattern:
and now I'm not quite sure if I should follow through with it or not. I was picturing a nice light green for a new fall cardigan, but this color is much more summery to me. We'll see what happens; this yarn may be making an appearance on Ebay.
The silk, however, is a gorgeous color, very true to what it looked like on the website, and I am already chugging along----20 cm into my 22 cm of 2x2 ribbing. It's on its way to becoming this:
which will *hopefully* be the last cami project of this summer, as it is August and I'm really hoping things cool off, just a little at least.
Speaking of cooling off, I attepted to do so this weekend with my fellow Fort Greenies, Lisa and Veronique, as we indulged in some AC while watching Little Miss Sunshine at BAM, and then in some mojitos at June.
There is really nothing quite like a mojito at the end of a hot summer day. All that mint and sugary sweetness.... Veronique has big plans to try Sarah's ginger mojito recipe soon, and I'd like to figure out how to make June's tasty cilantro mojito--pretty soon we'll have a different one for every day of the week! That would have to be a week of vacation of course, but it's nice to imagine.
PS--All of the patterns above are Phildar patterns, which can be found on their website. And don't even bother hitting that little button in the corner that says "English." They just put that there to tease you.