Thursday, August 10, 2006

I Heart the Farm

This week, Jamie's boss decided that they needed to spend some time at his farm in Middleburgh, NY, and since I was kind of itching for a chance to get out of the hot city, they brought me along too! Some of you may remember a few posts back when I attended a farm wedding? This is the same place.
This is the guest house, where we're staying:
And this is the view we see from our bed upstairs when we wake up in the morning:
A sunny spot to knit:
I've made some progress on the silk cami:
It's been slow going though, both b/c of the #2 needles and the extra care I'm taking to not experience any more rowing out. I found a great video on knitting backwards instead of purling, and while it seems to have resolved the issue, I'm definitely not very fast at it yet. But I will be.
A shadier spot to knit, with my doggie:
And this weekend we're going to the County Fair! I'll take some photos of the sheep.