Saturday, August 19, 2006

Back in the City

Jamie, Peru and I arrived back in the city around noon on Wednesday, and though the farm was a wonderful getaway from the city heat, we were still glad to be home.
But before we left, there was still some fun to be had. We went cruising in the El Dorado:
(Yes, Matthias has a lot of cars. He uses them for photo shoots.)
I love the black Caddy, but I wouldn't turn this baby down, either:
And Peru and I took some time off relaxing in the Caddy during a photo shoot:
But now we're back, and I imagine everyone's had about enough of my vacation photos, so it's time to get back to what's really important--knitting!
I'm working away at the back of the Caban Menthe:
Which rolls along pretty quickly, as it's size 7 needles. Also got some Rowan All Seasons Cotton to make that other Phildar cardi. Much thanks to Carol of Australia who was happy to scoop up my Pistache Phildar Aviso, which was not quite the autumn color I'd imagined, but was quite perfect for her spring and summer. Hooray for opposite seasons!
I also went through the stash today, hoping to find some yarn for the projects I am dying to make--and I did! I tried on this sweater from VK at the Point on Friday:
But was a little bummed to see that the pattern calls for 14 balls of Blue Sky Alpaca Sport. Hmm, not quite the $600 I'd need to make the new Rowan ball gown, but still not exactly cheap. Fortunately, after diving into the Closet, I found a ton of Prime Alpaca in ecru (farewell, Family Tunic! I'd probably never have finished you anyway...) that is the perfect weight for the job. Hooray!
Also soon to come: yet another cami. In silk, too. I just can't seem to stop myself. I'll tell you all about it when I get the pattern from Veronique.