Tuesday, July 25, 2006


OK, before I get to the knitting, I have to explain. I've been so frustrated by the way I can't reply to comments on Blogger--sure, can leave another comment on my own comments page, but I love it when I leave someone a comment and then I get a reply in my email. I thought that this was just something I had to get over, until I saw on Veronique's blog that she uses Haloscan, which requires that I give my email address. Moments of tinkering later, my blog is fully equipped with Haloscan! Only--I lost all my comments! And I'm really upset! I mean, I have them in my mailbox still, because I never deleted them, but still. I'm grumpy about it.
But from now on, at least, I'll be able to reply to comments, so I'm glad that frustration has been done away with.
On to knitting:
The Razor Cami is progressing nicely. It's really a quick knit, no shaping, with a stitch pattern that keeps you awake without requiring any thought. I'm using Classic Elite Premiere, which is a really soft pima/tencel blend. I highly recommend it.
Much thanks to Veronique and Kaitlyn for organizing and hosting, respectively, the first gathering of the Fort Greene knitters. A relaxing afternoon was spent nibbling tasty vegetarian food at Red Bamboo Brooklyn, and, of course, knitting. Also in attendance were Lisa, Carrie, Steph, Wanette, Megann, and Mary--and baby MJ of course! I'm a big fan of get-togethers that don't require my getting on the subway, so this was a rare treat for me. Hooray for FG!