Sunday, July 30, 2006

Another Summer FO

VoilĂ ! The Razor Cami is done:

Pattern: Razor Cami from OhMyStars
Yarn: Classica Elite's Premiere, a pima-tencel blend, in color Tidal Wave
Needles: US #5 Addis
Mods: I did some decreases on the front side armholes, and shortened the straps. Otherwise, I followed the pattern exactly. It was simple, easy to follow, and I finished it in a little over a week. Yay for summer knits! Something about not having any sleeves to knit makes everything so much quicker and easier.
Close-up of stitch pattern:
Met up with the Spiders on Friday for some knitting, and then headed out to Dragonfly for Michelle's going-away dinner. She's off to Portland on Monday, where maybe she and Sarah can start a chapter of Spiders West? We all wish her the best, and hope she comes back to visit us sometime. Good luck out west, Michelle!
Next on the knitting agenda? I have some silky-smooth bamboo for Steph's Blackout Sleep Mask pattern. Also awaiting an order from Phildar, which will hopefully arrive this week. Until then I'll be plodding along on the *three* pairs of socks I have on the needles, as well as making some progress on Rogue.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


OK, before I get to the knitting, I have to explain. I've been so frustrated by the way I can't reply to comments on Blogger--sure, can leave another comment on my own comments page, but I love it when I leave someone a comment and then I get a reply in my email. I thought that this was just something I had to get over, until I saw on Veronique's blog that she uses Haloscan, which requires that I give my email address. Moments of tinkering later, my blog is fully equipped with Haloscan! Only--I lost all my comments! And I'm really upset! I mean, I have them in my mailbox still, because I never deleted them, but still. I'm grumpy about it.
But from now on, at least, I'll be able to reply to comments, so I'm glad that frustration has been done away with.
On to knitting:
The Razor Cami is progressing nicely. It's really a quick knit, no shaping, with a stitch pattern that keeps you awake without requiring any thought. I'm using Classic Elite Premiere, which is a really soft pima/tencel blend. I highly recommend it.
Much thanks to Veronique and Kaitlyn for organizing and hosting, respectively, the first gathering of the Fort Greene knitters. A relaxing afternoon was spent nibbling tasty vegetarian food at Red Bamboo Brooklyn, and, of course, knitting. Also in attendance were Lisa, Carrie, Steph, Wanette, Megann, and Mary--and baby MJ of course! I'm a big fan of get-togethers that don't require my getting on the subway, so this was a rare treat for me. Hooray for FG!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Sizzle It!

She's done!
Pattern: Sizzle by Wendy of Knit and Tonic
Yarn: Rowan Calmer, 4 balls (only used a bit of ball 4)
Needles: US 7 Addis
Mods: I knitted it in the round up till I had to split for the V. For some reason, my V doesn't look as deep as hers, and I wish it did, but oh well. Got a bit of the "rowing out" effect once I started knitting back and forth--hence my desire to knit everything in the round--my purl gauge is WAY OFF from my knit gauge. But the pattern was very well-written, and it was a quick, easy knit--highly recommended. One other note: the bottom ended up being a little loose--a reversal of my usual experience--and I wish I had tried it on to check.
But on the whole, I am pleased. Now I have a nice cotton summer knit to wear--maybe it will make its debut this Friday?
Next project on the horizon? I have 5 skeins of Classic Elite Premiere, a super-soft pima/tencel blend, and I'm thinking of a delicate, strappy tank for it. Razor cami is currently the front runner. But I've got an hour and a half to peruse patterns before my date with Project Runway, Jamie and some Ben & Jerry's begins.

Monday, July 17, 2006

A Wedding at the Farm

Well, it's been a long-time-no-blog, but I think I have a pretty good excuse, seeing as we spent the weekend WAAAAY upstate at Jamie's boss Matthias's wedding.
Here's the happy couple, Matthias and Corey, just after their ceremony:

The event was held at their farm up in Middleburgh, NY, and though it rained all day before the wedding, it finally stopped just in time for all of us to go outside for the ceremony. Yay! Here are Jamie and I, waiting in the barn for the rain to stop:It turned out to be a beautiful night--there were candles everywhere, and little white lights in the trees--and all of their friends and family members kept getting up to make the sweetest speeches about the couple. It was very charming and touching. And the next morning we all woke up to a stunningly beautiful day, surrounded by mountains and fields, and I was really glad we were there, even if it was only for one night.
I sizzled along on Sizzle on the way up:
But slept most of the way back, so she's not quite done yet. So far, so good, though. The pattern has been thorough and easy to follow. Sorry for the wrinkles, she was smushed up in my travel bag for too long. Hopefully she'll be done very soon....

Saturday, July 08, 2006


She's all done!

Pattern: Birch from Rowan Magazine #34
Yarn: Rowan Kidsilk Haze in Jelly, 3 balls
Needles: US 6 Addi Turbos
Started: June 11, 2006 Finished: July 5, 2006

I'm totally pleased with how Birch turned out. I love the Jelly color, I love how the rows get shorter and shorter as you go, and I love how fluttery and pretty it got when I blocked it (on hands and knees with my parents in their living room the night before I returned to NYC, pinning it to the rug and steaming it--loads of fun). I used needles 2 sizes smaller than called for because I'd seen Veronique's beautiful Birch, which was knit on #4's, and I knew #8 would be too loose for my liking. Also followed Veronique's modification to row 7 of the pattern to make a more symmetrical double decrease (slip 2 as if to K2tog, K1, pass slipped sts over), but those were my only mods.
Also started Sizzle on Thursday:
I've been waiting for this pattern to be ready since I first saw it on Knit & Tonic's blog. I'm using Rowan Calmer, which I've never used before and am loving so far. I decided that I'd rather have a little stretch than sparkle, and this yarn is soft, elastic, and seems like it will be very breathable.
And check it out! I'm a Spider!

Pretty cool, right? Especially since I just finished knitting my first real "web," ha ha ha.

Sunday, July 02, 2006


I'm still on vacay here in Atlanta, and I have to tell you, I'm enjoying every minute of it. My parents live a ways north of the city, and out here there is fresh, clean air, lots of trees, and even some farms. I love it.
The trip was made even better by the surprise discovery that my friend Caitlin was in town with her baby, Charlotte!

Caitlin came over with her sleepy little cutie so both my mom and I could get our fill of baby wonderfulness. After a week visiting her grandparents, Charlotte was a little tuckered out, and spent a good deal of time sleeping in my mom's lap. Which was fine until Mom told Dad she was pretending this was HER grandchild--yikes!! Mom, we're not quite ready for that--though I've managed to keep the dog alive for 5 years, the houseplants still keep dying.
She did wake up at the end to demand some libation:
Don't I look fascinated? I am fascinated by all aspects of Charlotte, especially that she belongs to my dear friend Caitlin who I have known since 8th grade. Very, very crazy.
Off to the city tomorrow for some vintage shopping. I'm hoping for some Levis and a couple of $2 t-shirts. I'll let you know if I find anything.