Sunday, June 18, 2006

Renegade Craft Gluttony

It's been a couple of days since I've blogged, but I promise I have been busy with nothing but crafting pursuits! Saturday was the 2nd annual Renegade Craft Fair in Williamsburg, and I have to agree with Veronique that I found way more to buy this year than last. Though there were items that I, too, had regretted not buying all year (like Michelle's cool "Steak is Wack" T-shirt!) and didn't happen to see this year, there was plenty of new stuff to catch my eye:

That's my loot. There was a cute "Love Forever" T-shirt, a polka-dot "Citizen Jane" T (these shirts were popular among our group, I think there will be 4 of us sporting them around town), a handmade skirt from Brooklyn General, a fabulous cabbage from My Paper Crane, some Spinning Bling, 3 hair bobby pins, and a vegan peppermint lip balm (I admit it, Veronique, I do love that cool and tingly feeling!).
This is the only photo I have from the day:
Much thanks, Michelle, for snapping a pic of me and my cabbage, hands down my fave purchase of the day.
There were also many others in attendance, including; Katie, Blogless Nancy, Sandra, Carrie, Steph, Lisa, Kaitlin, Virginia, and Marie. And baby MJ, who was just as sweet as she always is when I see her, provoking dangerous thoughts like, "Huh, babies are kinda cute...." Gotta nip that in the bud! Also ran into blogless pal Johanna, heading in the opposite direction. The day was much nicer than the expected 90 degrees, though it did get a little warm at the end, resulting in a much needed stop for food and beer. All in all, a pretty perfect day, aside from my VERY dusty feet!
And this is what I did today:
Six skeins of self striping sock yarn! They're all drying right now, but as soon as I get them skeined up and photographed, they're going on Etsy. Unless I get greedy and decide to keep them all for myself!
And an FO shot:
Yay, I finished my top-down merino-silk sweater! It took about 2 1/2 weeks, gave me a break from my recent Sock Obsession. I promise to take a modelling shot as soon as I can catch Mr. Monster in daylight hours.