Saturday, June 24, 2006

Mexico vs. Argentina

Just in case you're ever thinking this is a good idea, let me tell you that it's not. If your significant other invites you to come along to watch the Mexico vs. Argentina World Cup game on a Saturday afternoon, in a Mexican restaurant, with a number of friends who happen to be Mexican, and you think, "Well, why not? I can bring my lace project and knit!" just stop right there. Take my word for it. Or else you'll find yourself, an hour later, crammed into a room full of screaming fans dressed in green, smushed in a corner while beer and tequila slosh all around you, thinking, "There's no WAY I can take out my precious Birch here!"
See how happy I look in this photo? That's only because I was smart enough to bring along some socks to work on, just in case it was too wild and crazy for Birch. It's a good thing too, I would have been bored silly without my socks! It was too crowded to see the gigantic TV from where I was, but I did gather from the deep depression the place sunk into that Mexico lost. Que triste.
As for Birch, she remained safely in my bag, and is coming along quite nicely, despite having missed out on all of those potential hours of knitting:
I guess I'm about a third done? I gotta tell you, I am totally addicted to this project. I can't stop knitting it, and I think it's because I know I'm going to love the shawl. It's green, it's pretty--what's not to love?
I dyed some more yarn this week--hopefully it will be up on Etsy soon, and then I'll be taking a week or so off to go visit the fam in Atlanta! Yay! But no worries, I'll be blogging from there, as I lounge poolside in my bikini with a couple of mini-dachshunds at my feet. What could be better?
And much, much thanks for everyone's response to the launching of my little Etsy shop! I am so excited that people actually bought yarn and I really hope everyone is enjoying it. This is a total work in progress, so any feedback would be appreciated. I'm experimenting with different weights of yarn, so we'll see what works out the best.
Hope everyone here in NYC is someplace cool and dry this weekend--I'm staying in to work on Birch!