Saturday, June 10, 2006

It's a skirt!

I bought this fabric, oh, about a year ago on a trip to Brooklyn General with Nicole, and have finally made it into a skirt:

Now, we all know I'm not the world's greatest sewer, and this should have taken a lot less time than it took me, but overall, I'm pretty darned pleased with it! The "invisible" zipper is certainly less than invisible, and I had to get some emergency online help for the rickrack edging from Heather, the very kind and generous-with-her-time teacher of the sundress class I'm taking at Purl Patchwork. Thank you, Heather!
Had a lovely afternoon and evening Friday hanging out with many, many knitters. Too many, I think, to link to every one of their blogs, but they all have them. Except Nancy. A good time was had by all, and it was really cool to meet a lot of knitbloggers whose blogs I had read before.
While at the Point, it was requested that I put up some photos of my sock yarn, knitted up. I had posted a pic of these socks a while back, but it was a bad, self-taken photo. So here are a few more:
These were dyed with Kool-Aid; I have since moved on to the Serious Stuff, but the stripes are the same size.
Turkish toe cast-on, short row heel:
This shows about how high the socks go (on my legs) if you use every bit of the yarn:
The stripes got a lot skinnier as my calf got... less skinny.
And I have a question for all of you sock knitters out there. I have been using a yarn that is 100% superwash merino for all of this sock yarn. I love it, it's really soft--but it is a bit bigger than fingering, and I knit it on size 2's. Which makes for a quicker sock, but I'd also really like to find an undyed base yarn, machine washable, that knits up on size 1's. Any suggestions? I'm open to superwash, a bit of nylon--as long as it's soft.