Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Birch Beginnings

So it has finally happened. I've cast on for a real, grown-up lace project: Birch.

This is what one repeat looks like. A frothy green cloud. But I am convinced that it will turn into something beautiful, like everyone else's did. It had better; casting on 299 stitches ought to pay off in the end!
Much progress has been made on the merino/silk sweater:

Next time you see this puppy, it'll be done! It's a slightly roomy, very snuggly sweater. I guess I could have been more dramatic in the way of shaping, but I'm OK with it how it is.
Also made up some pincushions while sewing my skirt:

I got the idea from this post on Mary-Heather's blog, where I found this tutorial. And then I read her post from today and saw this. Is that crazy or what? Either we are psychically connected after getting back in touch with each other last week, or we both just have really excellent taste in pincushion fabric.
And last but not least, I took a trip to Kinokuniya Bookstore on Monday, and left with two beautiful Japanese crafting books:
One is clothing patterns for sewing, the other is sort of random accessories. And yes, they're in Japanese. And no, I don't read Japanese. But the illustrated directions seem really clear and simple, so I'm going to give it a try. If I can't seem to get myself to Japan, well, at least I can sew myself some cute Japanese clothes!