Thursday, May 25, 2006

Yarnmonster in the Kitchen?

That's right, I've been in the kitchen all week! Anyone who knows me well will tell you that this is not the room I tend to spend my time in, but this week, you couldn't get me out of there! I was like a witch standing over my boiling cauldron.
OK, so I wasn't engaged in any sort of food preparation--come on, as if!--I was playing with dyes!

That's some Targhee roving I want to make sock yarn out of.
I got all of these real dyes (as in, not Kool-Aid) and I was hesitant to just start sloshing them onto my sock yarn, so I decided to do a test run, trying out colors on little skeins of scrap yarn:
Lots more variation than Kool Aid! Now I just have to figure out what combinations I want on the yarn. I was a little bummed about the greens, which all came out looking kind of the same no matter how I mixed them. But hopefully I'll figure out how to tweak them a little more--I do love a nice chartreuse!
Mmm, and then there's this:
That's merino/cashmere, baby. That's going to make some pretty yarn, if I don't overtwist it too dreadfully when I spin it.
Projects for the weekend: 1) Cut out the pattern pieces for my sundress class at Purl Patchwork 2)Spin some of that Targhee
3) Dye some more!
That is, if I can't get Jamie to go to Coney Island with me. It's Memorial Day Weekend, and I am ready to sit on the beach and bake!