Monday, May 08, 2006

Weekend o' Wool

I am back! I had such a great weekend, not only at the MD Sheep and Wool Festival, but also hanging out with Michelle and her friend Theresa in DC--which is quite lovely this time of year, BTW. We had a perfect day of cool breezes and cloudless skies--and so did the many, many people who also were at the festival. It is, it seems, a do-not-miss event for all of Maryland, because the turnout was most impressive. We ran into Steph and Christy, old friends from SnB, and Sandra, a new friend from the world of knitblogging--how fun is that?
So first and foremost, here's my yarn:
Click on the photo to go to Flickr and see exactly what everything is. Suffice it to say I've got enough for socks for every day of the week--and some for Jamie!
My companions, looking very happy to be contemplating yarn purchases:
There were none of those troubled, contorted faces that usually go along with purchase-debates. We were easy, easy girls. Can't decide between two colorways? Why not get both? It was pure gluttony.
A particularly lovely stall, full of yarns colored with natural dyes. And we vegetarians love that word, "natural":
Me and Elaine Eskesen, the author of "Dyeing to Knit," which, of course, I had to purchase. She was so sweet, and even signed my book. Nice to meet you, Elaine!
Taking a quick break, examining our initial purchase of Tess Superwash Sock Yarn:
I wanted to take all of the little lambs home with me!
We came home dusty and sneezing (well, the sneezing was mostly me) and very happy. Options of leaving the house were offered, but we decided to stay in and knit socks in Theresa's very pleasant home. A girl can only do so much in one day!
In other, wildly exciting news, my friend Caitlin has just had her baby!
Charlotte was born May 4, the day before I was going to meet her parents out for dinner in DC. I was so confused that Caitlin wasn't on her email! "Going into labor" is a pretty good reason. Welcome to the world little Charlotte! We are so excited that you're here!