Monday, May 29, 2006

Sock Philandering

I am having a ridiculously hard time working on these Hus-Beastly Stockinette Socks. They are taking FOR-ever. And it doesn't help that I can only work on them in bright light, lest I lose my eyesight before the age of 29. But both heels have been turned now, so at least we are sort of in the home stretch, even if it might be a long one.

So in typical fashion, I keep casting on other, more interesting/faster socks, knitting guiltily on them for a while, and then going back to Jamie's socks.
First there were these, knit on size 3's (!!!) in a pretty, simple, 4 row repeat. Very exciting.
Then this one which, even more thrillingly, is knit on 4's with some merino/cashmere I spun on a drop spindle in my class last year, and dyed with Kool Aid. I found the yarn buried in The Closet and thought, "Socks!"
And then there's this stuff, just beckoning to me from my desk. "Knit with us! Please! We'll make our own stripes and you can just knit along in wonder and amazement!"
But I'm going to finish those brown socks, no more playing the sock field. There is too much wonderful yarn out there (or in my Closet) to dawdle over these any longer.
And plus, Jamie is getting very anxious for them to be done.
One more exciting photo:
That's some merino/silk, still sitting in its dyepot of Quebracho Red and Madder as we speak, which will hopefully come out somewhere in the red/coral/orange family. It's the same make-up as Lorna's Laces Lion & Lamb, so I'm much looking forward to using it. Finished photos to come!