Saturday, May 20, 2006

Slowly, slowly....

So, we all know I've stalled on the Jaywalkers, though I continue to carry them in my bag everywhere I go, just in case. And I started some stockinette socks:

Which are so mind-numbingly boring, I had to start something else. Enter Rogue:

She's pretty, and interest-holding. My only issue with her is that the yarn I'm using, Bartlett Yarns 100% Wool 2-ply from the Maryland Festival, is, I think, unscoured. And by that I mean it smells like a sheep. This was quaint, charming, when I first picked up the skeins and, feeling the lanolin-y texture of the wool, gave it a sniff to check. So natural! So unprocessed! The charm wears off though, once you start using it and that very distinct sheep smell transfers onto your hands.
But whatever, a few washes in lavender-scented Eucalan should take care of all that, once I'm done, and my hands, thank God, are washable. And the pattern is most lovely.