Thursday, May 04, 2006

Off to the Land of Sheep and Wool

Can this be comfortable?

I haven't posted many pictures of Peru lately, but this position just begged to be photographed. My dog likes to throw herself into "dead-dog" poses, usually in the middle of the floor, which never fail to send me into fits of laughter. I think she imagines that this one makes her look like she took a fatal tumble down the stairs. She can be so morbid!
No new knitting pics today, as the Backwards Jaywalkers are still coming along in much the same fashion as they were last time you saw them. I did finish the Organic Cotton Surprise, and photographed it, but will have to save those pics until after the recipient has received it. It is time to start a new big project (as opposed to socks) but I'm waiting until Saturday so I can play with whatever I get in Maryland.
SO! There are rules for Maryland. The 2005 festival at Rhinebeck was my first experience with these things, and I think I was a little overwhelmed. I had no list, the place was huge, it was too much for me. This time, I plan to be more prepared.

Rule #1: I will buy NO laceweight. I have enough for 4 different projects and have never started any of them. I don't need more.
Rule #2: There are no holds barred on sock yarn. This counts as "research" for my future sock yarn dyeing experiments.
Rule #3: If I walk away from it and am still thinking about it 10 minutes later, I will go back and get it. If not, well then.
Rule #4: I will consult the list, and try to stick to it. You've seen my last list. It's a good list.

All of this combined with the fact that I'm spending the weekend with Michelle and her guru Theresa, fellow knitters AND vegetarians, should make for a fabulous weekend of wooly gluttony. Yay! I promise to take lots of pictures!