Thursday, April 06, 2006


There is much excitement here in Brooklyn. I have TWO finished objects to display!
First we have the Swing Bag:

Yup, there it is! Finished mere moments ago. Topstitching closed the staps and the final opening was a pain in the butt:

(That's me, stitching) but overall, the thing was easy as pie! Clear directions, no ambiguity whatsover. Of course, I still messed up a few times, had to rip some seams, but that's par for the course when it comes to me and sewing.
So, you might have noticed in the above photo that I am wearing a brown sweater. Need a better look?
Not that this is a much better photo, but it's all I could do with a timer and a box. It's the Huggable Hill Alpaca sweater! Hooray! The real beauty of this sweater is in wearing it; it is literally the softest thing I have ever knitted. I feel like I am wrapped in cashmere, AND it was super-quick and easy, being knit from the top down .
So here's the stats:
Yarn: Huggable Hill Alpaca, about 750 yds.
Pattern: Split Neck T Shirt for Women, from Knitting Pure and Simple
Started: 3/27/06
Finished: 4/3/06 (I told you it was quick!)
Needles: 9 and 7 circs
Modifications: Since it was top-down and I had a limited amount of yarn, I was able to keep knitting the sleeves (they were the last thing and I could see what I had left) and make them long, which I think is more appropriate for alpaca. Also, I took out 8 sts. in the first few rows of the sleeves, b/c the pattern sleeves were HUGE and I had to amend.
So there you go!
Now I have to finish the Morehouse Merino sweater (which really flies right along, there's nothing like 2.5 sts./1" yarn) and I can begin the Cache Coeur. Oh la la, then I will be a tricoteuse francaise!