Saturday, April 29, 2006

Happy Day in Bloggersland...

...otherwise known as the Point. Wow, when I went there on Friday, I had no idea I was 1) going to see so many unexpected friends, and 2) meet so many new ones! Well, sort of new ones--does it count if you kind of already know them through their blogs? It was very exciting to meet Jess from Fig & Plum, and Sandra from I May Be Knitting A Ranch House. I hadn't actually read Sandra's blog before, but Jenn had, and I will definitely be checking it out from now on. And Jess was every bit as cool as her fabulous blog! I had such a pleasant afternoon chatting with them and blogless Nancy, who was also really cool but who I cannot link to. Time for a blog, Nancy!
In attendance were my brand-spanking new Falling Leaves Socks:

And on my needles were some toe-up Jaywalkers:

Yep, I'm Jaywalking backwards. I like to live on the edge, people.
And more pics:

Two balls of handpainted and the four freshly dyed skeins of self-striping yarn, two of which I brought in my bag and showed proudly to anyone who was kind enough to humour me. It was funny, I got two reactions to this yarn. The first, and rarer, was, "Wow, how'd you do that, I want to do it too." The second, far more prevalent response was, "You're nuts! Why not just buy some?" Because I just have to do it myself. It's a compulsion. I just wish I had that DIY compulsion when it came to cooking or cleaning my house--two things which I'd love to pawn off on other people.
Anyway, thanks to all who kept me company at the Point yesterday, I can't think of a more pleasant way to spend a Friday!