Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Good Things Come in the Mail

What a lovely Wednesday this has turned out to be! Not only is it gorgeous outside, but I returned home from my very strenuous-in-a-good-way yoga class with my lovely friend Kara, to find an array of knitterly delights waiting for me!
My mom sent me a fabulous Easter package, complete with chocolates, an Easter basket laden with classic goodies like Peeps, and the three beautiful shawl pins that she made for me! These atrocious pictures do them no justice, but the Photographer Man isn't home yet, and I was too impatient to wait.

Aren't they great? My mom rocks.
And maybe, just maybe, we'll have a couple more days this spring when it's cool enough to sport my wrap! Not today though, as it is 73 degrees and I am basking in the sunlight of my open window right now.
And then (you thought it could get no better?) I got this:

Oh, yeah, baby, I got some Vesper sock yarn. Aquamelon, isn't it pretty? I was AMAZED at the way this stuff got grabbed up, as she was uploading the skeins to her shop! Fortunately I have a good trigger finger when it comes to the refresh button, and I managed to snag a skein. Now THAT is going to make some purty socks.
In other sock-related news:
The Falling Leaves socks are coming along. They are still sort of big, though I made them intentionally short in the foot to stretch them lengthwise a bit. Which did help. I'm just hoping blocking helps a wee bit too. There was much discussion of these socks, and my feet, at The Point last night, where my foot was declared both "small" and "narrow." Nicole even went so far as to call it "cute." Wow, thanks, Nicole! I always thought my feet were pretty standard-sized, but I have always compared them to my Mom's feet, which are both smaller, narrower, and very much prettier than mine. Guess it's all about your perspective, right? A mental note has been made to adjust future sock patterns for these new discoveries about my feet.