Saturday, April 01, 2006

Flashing Your Stash Day

OK, here it is:

Fortunately my stash can still be confined to one closet. Fortuantely I have an extra closet that I can devote to this purpose. As you can see, though, the boxes have now run into the bottom of the clothes (switched out seasonally) and I have also run out of boxes. There is also some overflow into the top shelf in there. And what you see on top of that, is my growing stack of fabric. That's STACK, not stash. It's still too small for a stash, and I plan to keep it that way.
Here's a close-up of the yarn boxes:

Almost everything in there is intended for a particular project, if you can believe it. Some of the things I have waiting for me:
Angie from Rowan: It's a Tape Thing
Teva Durham's Ballet Pullover
Multiple cotton tank tops
Phildar Summer '05 Cache Coeur
A red Zara sweater, a hand-dyed orange craft-fair-yarn sweater
Numerous lace projects, though I have yet to knit any lace.
So I have my hands full, so to speak, with my stash. On top of the yarn and the fabric, there's a modest fiber stash, which I neglected to take a picture of because it's all stored unattractively in plastic bags and stuffed in a basket. I told myself quite some time ago that I needed to spin through some of it before I bought any more, and that has proved far easier than making that same requirement for my yarn.
So get flashing, people! I confess that I'm really hoping that Jessamyn flashes her stash today, because I have heard such intriguing stories about its size.
Uh-oh. The postman just left us a package.
And I think it's more yarn.