Saturday, April 15, 2006

Field Trip in Brooklyn

Today was so beautiful and perfect, I decided to take a field trip to Park Slope. I always forget about Park Slope; it's about a 5 minute bus ride away--I had time to knit a round on my sock and we were there. And suddenly you're in this cheery, family-ish neighborhood with lots of stuff to do.
I saw lots of flowers:
And I even went to the greenmarket, where I was hoping to be practical and get some cilantro and basil plants, but ended up with these instead:

The little guy on the left is jasmine! Mmm, love that smell. The guy told me even I'd have a hard time killing it, but we'll see. Every year I decorate our window ledges with flowers and herbs, and then I kill them. Except my mint plant, which miraculously survived a winter outside on the ledge!
I stopped at Tea Lounge on Union St. for tasty iced tea, and I wished it were just a bit closer to my house, because what a great place it would be to hang out and knit!
So speaking of socks, remember how I said Falling Leaves was going to be reincarnated in Koigu?
Here it is! It's so pretty, I love the pattern and the colors and everything, except... it's kinda big. Like, it would fit a man. I wear a size 7, I feel that's pretty average, and when I searched the pattern for clues, I saw she said they were intentionally SMALL so that the lace would show better. What? I'm getting perfect gauge, so I'm confused. I figure maybe if I make them a bit shorter in the foot, they'll stretch lengthwise and I'll be OK? Anyone else out there who has made these socks? Any words of advice? I didn't really want to phunk with the pattern, as it's a repeat of 12 done 3x across the instep, and 36 sts of St. along the sole, and I wanted to keep is all even....
And no, I haven't forgotten the Organic Cotton Surprise!
That's all you get till it's done and delivered!